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AGREEMENT: I fully understand and agree to follow and comply with the following Terms and Conditions. I agree to pay for the transportation service charges provided and set forth herein, including any damage to the hired vehicle.

CANCELLATION CHARGE: If for any reason the reservation is cancelled less than 7 days from the reservation date, then 50% of the total amount will be charged. For example, if the reservation is for $1,000 for January 10th 2015 and it was cancelled on or after January 3rd 2015, we will charge $500 since it is less than 7 days from the date of the reservation. If the reservation is cancelled on the day of the reservation, then 100% of the reservation will be charged.

CANCELLATION REASON: A customer cannot cancel a reservation due to changes or cancellations in events without incurring a cancellation charge as indicated above. For example, if a baseball game is rained out, or a club is closed due to COVID-19 a customer cannot expect to cancel their reservation for a full refund. Our buses are designed to provide a party on the bus (lights, music etc) regardless of any outside event or destination the customer chooses to be transported to. Therefore, even if your event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances you are still held responsible for the cost of the rental (per the cancellation charge policy indicated above). There are some circumstances where exceptions can be made to postpone your booking but these will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

VEHICLE SELECTION: Once a vehicle is selected and the booking has been made, we are unable to discount or cancel your reservation due to the vehicle not meeting your expectation(s). The only way to be certain is to see the vehicle in-person prior to booking. You can make an appointment to view our vehicles by calling 888-888-9973. All of the vehicles are located in Jessup, MD.

• DEPOSIT: I understand that a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the vehicle for my event. I further understand that the deposit is non-transferable to a different time or date. I agree that all unpaid balances will be paid in full on or before scheduled service date. If the balance remains unpaid, I agree the scheduled services may be cancelled at the discretion of Just Limos, LLC and I forfeit any prepayments or deposits made.

REMAINING BALANCE: I agree to pay the balance in full. I understand there is a 4% credit card processing fee on the entire amount including the deposit if I choose to pay the remaining balance with a credit card (for example if the reservation total is $500, a 4% merchant card processing fee is $20 ($500 x .04) for a new total due of $520). The 4% credit card fee does not apply to the initial  deposit as long as the remaining balance is paid with cash, venmo or cash app.


  • Venmo App - no fee - Just Limos Venmo ID is provided in the registration confirmation email. PLEASE NOTE: Venmo has the “Turn on for purchases” option. This option will allow Venmo to charge the merchant (Just Limos) a fee. If you choose to select this option any associated fees charged to us will be passed on to you.
  • Cash - no fee
  • Cash App - no fee – Just Limos Cash App ID is provided in the registration confirmation email.
  • Credit Card on file - 4% credit card fee. We do not accept credit card payments on the day of the reservation. If you choose to pay by a credit card that is already on file you can do so 1-3 days prior to your reservation date.

• DELAYS: Any delays caused by weather, road construction, accident, traffic congestion or any situation that is beyond the control of Just Limos, LLC is not the responsibility of Just Limos, LLC and its affiliates and, as such, no credits or refunds will be issued as a result of such delays. However, we will give you the option to make up the time by extending your reservation by the amount of time lost due to the unforeseen delay.

OVERTIME: The total charge for overtime is rounded up to the next hour (for example, if your drop-off time was 6:00 pm and you were dropped off at 6:20 pm, you will be charged for an additional hour). Overtime rate per hour may be slightly higher than the hourly reservation rate. The usage time for the contracted vehicle begins and concludes as specified in the reservation.  For example, if you rented the bus from 8pm-2am, this is a total of 6 hours. The vehicle will arrive for pick up by 8pm and drop off at your final location by 2am. It is the customers’ responsibility to plan their time accordingly and allow for extra time needed for traffic, additional drop off locations and restroom breaks along the way. As such, I understand that overtime charges may result due to aforementioned or other circumstances.  Please note:  You may have a different route that you would like the driver to take to get to your destination.  However, the driver is required to follow the route indicated in the vehicle GPS. This is for the safety of the driver, passengers and others on the road. All vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking device which is used to monitor vehicle locations and track overtime. 

• SMOKING POLICY: All our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles and no persons are allowed to smoke in the vehicles. Failure to comply will result in a cleaning charge and a possible termination of service.  No refunds will be issued.

• AIR CONDITIONING: All vehicles are air conditioned. However, you may feel warm or hot due to the following scenarios: 

  • Standing in the bus restricts cool air from circulating throughout the bus. 
  • Opening and closing the main passenger door resulting in loss of cool air. 
  • Drinking alcohol and dancing will contribute in feeling warm in the vehicle. 
  • Warm clothing
  • Extreme humidity will make it difficult for the A/C system to cool the air adequately 

• DRIVER COMMUNICATION: Please remain in communication (via cell phone or in-person) with our driver during the duration of the reservation.  

• EMERGENCY EXITS: Opening or tampering with emergency exits in non-emergency situations is strictly prohibited. This includes the emergency passenger door release, ceiling hatch and emergency windows exits. Please do not lean on emergency doors and windows.

• VEHICLE CARE: Please do not chew gum or place feet on the seats. Please take additional measures to avoid food and drink spillage on the seats and floor.

• LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS: : Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of Just Limos, LLC and its affiliates. It is your responsibility to have possession of your belongings at all times and to make sure you take all personal belongings with you upon conclusion of services. If the lost item is found, it will be kept for 30 days. Please make arrangements to pick up your item at our location. We are not able to mail or deliver your item.

RESERVATION CHANGES: To avoid confusion and delays, I agree to finalize all changes including pick-ups, stops, and drop-offs no later than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the date of the reservation. I understand that Just Limos, LLC is under no obligation to update my reservation after such time. I also agree to communicate all changes within the stated period by replying to the confirmation email that I had received when the reservation was originally made.

SUBSTITUTION: I agree that it may be necessary to substitute a selected vehicle, which will be at the discretion of Just Limos, LLC. The cause for substitution may include but is not limited to the mechanical breakdown of the original selected vehicle. The substituted vehicle may have different characteristics such as exterior color, body style, interior colors, lighting and design.

• MISCONDUCT: Misconduct or abuse (verbal or physical) will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of service. No refund will be issued. Depending on the severity of the situation, Just Limos, LLC also reserves the right to remove all event members from the vehicle at a safe public place.

UNDERAGE DRINKING: I understand that underage drinking is not allowed on any vehicles. Underage drinkers may face serious consequences, including fines and arrest. If alcohol is brought on to the vehicle, I agree that I am fully responsible for ensuring that everyone is at a minimum of 21 years of age. I further understand that Just Limos, LLC does not provide alcohol. I also agree that Just Limos, LLC may ask to provide a valid photo identification of myself and my guests. Failure to provide such identification may result in termination of service or removal of certain members from the event. No refund will be issued.

 ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: Any illegal activity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of service. No refund will be issued

• ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: It is Just Limos' policy that customers using our services are responsible in their consumption of alcohol while using any Just Limos' vehicles. The possession, consumption, or use of alcoholic beverages during any service provided by Just Limos may occur if all occupants are 21 or older. Just Limos will not tolerate any behavior that could endanger the health and safety of its drivers and customers. Any irresponsible use of alcohol, including but not limited to underage drinking and binge drinking, will not be tolerated and service will be terminated immediately.

• STANDING: No standing or dancing is allowed while the vehicle is in motion as doing so may cause bodily harm. Even though standing or dancing in a vehicle is not monitored or enforced, Just Limos, LLC or its affiliates will not be held accountable for any injuries resulting from such actions.

DAMAGES: You are responsible for damages to the vehicle by your party during service, either willfully or accidentally. I agree that there will be a minimum charge of $100 for the repair of the vehicle. I further agree that any decision as to making such repairs rests solely with Just Limos, LLC.

• CLEANING CHARGE:  You are responsible to clean up the vehicle upon conclusion of the service.  This includes food, drinks and any other items that you brought with you for use during the services.  Trash bags will be provided by Just Limos, LLC.  Failure to leave the bus in a usable condition will result in a minimum charge of $100 for a cleaning fee.  Just Limos, LLC reserves the right to charge this fee at their discretion.

• TOLLS: Tolls are not included in the reservation total and you will be responsible for any tolls that are incurred during the service.

• SEATING: I understand the seating capacity is based on an average size of 130-140 lbs per person shoulder to shoulder.  Please note, seating capacity will be reduced by items brought on to the bus and kept next to each individual (for example, a purse). Please do not exceed the seating capacity that is specified as part of your reservation for the vehicle you have reserved. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any additional person(s) beyond the capacity allowed for the reserved ehicle.

By agreeing to these terms, I authorize Just Limos, LLC to charge my credit card for all applicable fees for contracted services.

Please note: This contract is emailed to you. Please sign the contract online at your earliest convenience. A signature is required before vehicle can be released.

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