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About Our Winery 

15113 Liberty Road, Mt Airy, MD (410) 775-2513

Winner of over 650 National and International medals, Elk Run has been named one of the top 100 on the East Coast by Wine East Magazine. Elk Run Vineyards is 33 years old nestled in the rolling hills of Frederick County surrounded by dairy and horse farms and fields of wheat and corn. The name “Elk Run” was chosen for a stream. The deed name to the property is the “Resurvey of Cold Friday.” It was a land grant from the King of England to Lord Baltimore. The winemaker’s home is circa 1756. Since 1983 Fred and Carol Wilson and Neill Bassford, along with associates, family and friends, have made Elk Run a shining star among American wine producers. Using new world research and technology while maintaining the traditions and values of old world practices, Elk Run’s focus is on producing high quality wine from high quality grapes. Soils of schist and shale allow for deep roots and good drainage. Seven to eight hundred foot elevations help keep the vineyard safe from frost danger. Warm days and cool nights preserve the fruity character in the wines. Using grafted Vinifera vines, close spacing and great attention to crop levels allow the wine maker to create wines of character, structure, balance and good color.

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