The Vineyards at Dodon


About Our Winery 

391 Dodon Rd. Davidsonville, MD 20135 (410) 798-1126

Reflecting the values of its owners, the Dodon team blends traditional farming practices with the latest scientific advances to create a balanced, sustainable ecosystem, to preserve the farm and its natural resources for future generations, and to produce intriguing wines characterized by depth, harmony, and balance. Tour & Tasting appointments are available for those who wish to learn about Dodon’s farming practices, vineyard, and winemaking techniques. Please allocate 60-90 minutes. Visitors who are unable to attend a tour and tasting are invited to book a reservation for our new Introductory Flight! The reservation fee includes a self-guided flight of four Dodon-series wines presented with information about our farming practices, winemaking techniques, and Wine Club membership. We look forward to seeing you!

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